Attila Hildmann (Voice message via Telegram on 1 September 2020):
Dear friends, patriots, and freedom fighters.

As I see it from the data available, this was an inside job (a trick of the criminal regime) regarding the so-called ‚Reichstag storm‘, because people were deliberately animated with the bogus argument „Trump is in town – he would already be in the US Embassy – and we would almost have won“, so that people just walked up the steps of the Reichstag.

And here there are so many controversial discussions about it, and also so many miserable distancing oneself from it, that I must once again say something very clear about it:

1) These pictures have become historical pictures, and these pictures are going around the world, and remain so. And all those who stood on the stairs of the Reichstag are German heroes, and will go down in world history – no matter whether it was an inside job (a trick of the criminal regime) or not.

An inside-job that can lead to, and probably will lead to, the regime having an argument for why they had this protective moat around the Reichstag built in the last few weeks / which is still being built; many people don’t know that. Now suddenly they can say, „Yes, because of that, because of such ‚attacks'“. And of course they can also say, whenever the people resist,
„We are now putting on harder bandages against political resistance“. Let them do it – they remain historical images.

And in all this history, and this is something we must talk about, the Reichstag is always open !

There are guided tours, people walk up these stairs every day, a lot of tourists walk up these stairs, this is a public square, and a public building, and this building is dedicated to the GERMAN PEOPLE, that’s what it says ! And nothing, absolutely nothing, justifies this kind of violence of the police with tear gas and truncheons, that people, who just stood on the stairs, are beaten away – nothing justifies this !

Because, as I said, there are hundreds of people on the stairs every day. These people, who have climbed over 1 barrier, over 1 grating, have moved in a public square in Germany, which does not belong to Bill Gates, which does not belong to the NWO, which does not belong to the
Pharma Mafia. These people were standing on the stairs of a public building for the German people. And the only thing you could accuse them of is that they tipped over or climbed over 1 barrier and stood on the stairs of YOUR building – and without weapons, and without stones, and without rioting – they stood peacefully on the stairs ! And it must be said about this: that
hundreds of people (of combat units) were driven up, women were kicked down the stairs, tear gas was used, clubs were used, and that the German people were treated in this way, THIS is the scandal here – NOTHING OTHER!

Rüdiger Hoffmann, the chairman of (voice message via telegram on 1. Sept. 2020):

So, here a reaction from Attila Hildmann. I have to say one more thing: we had him on stage, and I had given him my hand, and he gave me his, and we made up, yes. Why ? Because every person has the right to make mistakes and then to consider how to correct them, to admit them, and simply end them. Everyone has the right to forgive each other. Always. That is the first point.

And the second point is that Attila gave a very good speech on stage, in my view, and he showed himself well on stage, even when an escalating situation had arisen there. I really have to say. And he is also cordially invited again, yes, so he can speak here again, no problem. Yes, it
is important for Attila that he learns not to be challenged and then escalate. That is actually the only thing he has to make clear for himself; that he will not let himself be put off. And that’s how it works. You know what they say: they say that the southerners are hot-blooded people, and that’s why it’s difficult here in Germany. Yes. And his point of view is interesting,
and everyone should have their own thoughts about it.

And I would also like to make it clear once again that the division of people, the splitting of people, must stop !! between ideologies and religions, worldviews and other worldviews – it doesn’t matter. And this is what 29 August 2020 taught us: we have overcome the division !

Yes, we have overcome it – although the division has been tried, we have overcome it !

But I ask for 1 indulgence: of course, as an association we cannot tolerate any crimes defined in the system, unfortunately. What does ‚unfortunately‘ mean – it IS SO. So, and if it is a criminal offence to walk up these stairs in front of the Reichstag, or an administrative offence, then that is the way it is, we have to accept that for now.

So, and I also see it from two angles: the first angle is: penal bar, or an administrative offence, clearing away a grating, running into a closed area and doing something there, that is the first point. That is what is not good and what causes consequences. The second, or the second side of the coin is that it is only a staircase, an open staircase, and a grating. A gate, which can be taken away because it is mobile. And that is where the people, in their exuberance and in their joy that a Trump would have freed them, ran towards their parliament. People, women, and children, young people, elder people, and old people.

And the consequence was the most brutal violence of the police, which then set in.

But the police had gone into hiding ! They were withdrawn when Rüdiger Hoffmann, that’s me, went to the ´Querdenken´-Demo (´Lateral Thinking´ Demo), to clear up THE HERMETICAL DEFENCE OF OUR assembly !

So, and another assembly leader has been appointed. So Rüdiger Hoffmann has publicly signed off and another chairman has correctly taken over in the presence of the police. So, and when this one was cancelled for health reasons – at that moment there was a production: a woman, Tamara Kirschbaum, called on the people to go to the parliament with this fake news, to occupy the steps, the stairs. And so, nothing more and nothing less happened:

the people went, ran up there, were exuberantly happy, turned their backs to the building, waved their flags, and clapped, or took each other in their arms – and then came the cudgels !

Then there was shoving, kicking, hitting, spraying with pepper spray.
Well, and I always have one thing in mind: what is going on with the police? And now the press writes, „They must be honoured“. For what ? That they have failed in police psychology ! That they have failed in shielding ! Because they disappeared !? That they have failed in the proportionality of the means ! That they failed in communication !? From my point of view
there is a complete failure of the police leadership ! Yes, the chain of command. What was going on there ? We have to think about that ! That is the topic ! Instead of medals – shouldn’t it rain blame ?

But – it should start a big thinking in this ´fancy´ republic ! Do we already have North Korean conditions here ? Or Chinese conditions ? What do we have here now ?? Does this still have something to do with a free, allegedly liberal democratic basic order ?

What has happened here !? Is it the Holy Grail that was touched, the occupation ?! The state of occupation of Germany ? Presented by metal gates ? A screened area in front of the parliament ? Is that what it is ? That is what every single person should think about !

And the response of the press: which gives a completely distorted and surreal picture, which has very little to do with the reality on the ground ! I can only say that. And I will discuss once again what is going on there ! Well, there are the advertised articles, and there are the lurid articles, up and down, the whole press landscape. People have dared to enter the steps of their parliament and put away a metal gate after a woman had called for it with a fake news that was passed on by two units there – yes, it is unbelievable! Unbelievable !

So, and I noticed all this afterwards. So. has nothing to do with this thing, because it was an open public microphone, and the woman had used the opportunity to seize the microphone in case of a failure due to force majeure and within a few seconds to give out this announcement to already annoyed people. What does ‚annoyed people‘ mean, people who were under pressure and who were so happy to finally come out of their confinement. And that was it.

And I myself had gone through these masses of people before all this happened, and I did not see anywhere in these masses of people who were already there, and there were even more afterwards, bad people – nowhere!

They were dearest people who were there. This whole thing shocked me so much about what was going on in what is supposed to be the most free state of all time, that on the way back I had to cry for the disgrace that such a hostile policy leaves behind! – against my own people – that really brought me to tears. And I really have to say that this can only be done by living
beings without empathy ! Otherwise it is not possible !!

And now we must examine what is real !

Normally a committee of the interior, a commission, has to be set up to uncover the events at the Reichstag. What has happened there about police, secret services, maybe about the police chief who was allegedly spotted on the spot, how she jumped into the meadow under the trees, together with a corvette of police officers. One does not know all this – it all awaits
enlightenment !

Who is this Tamara Kirschbaum ? What is this megaphone man, whose name we already have.

Yes, what are these units ? Where does this information come from ? Why was it given out as truth in such a way ?!! and animated that the people rush to the Reichstag ? Why was an observation unit set up on the roof of the Paul-Löbe-House, later to be recognized additionally with civilians ?

Why, what, and why ? Why was the police removed from the (Reichstag)
building before this happened ? Why has all this been set up ? Why did they wait until Rüdiger Hoffmann left to take these operational measures ? And, and, and. Many, many questions are open. Many, many questions are open. And you can answer them.

Once again Rüdiger Hoffmann (voice message via telegram on 1.Sept. 2020):

Once again THANK YOU to all who have worked so hard in Berlin, yes.
In spite of the difficult circumstances, the massive control and the very difficult situation to which everyone was subjected, I must consider what was there a success. Yes, it is a success.

And of course it is also a failure. But the latter is overshadowed by the effect of success.

Namely, the effect of success is that has managed to get in front of the entire world press and media. This is because the controller tried to trick But somehow that did not quite work out. It somehow went wrong:

– the storm on the Reichstag did not happen.
– the peaceful people were destroyed by brutal police violence.
– But the pictures, nobody can take them away: that people were standing there and

were happy about a liberation and were standing at the Reichstag (gate ?).
The liberation was of course a fake – but the people were allowed to enjoy once – and then the police boot came, the cudgel, and the tear gas, with nitro gas, I was told so; I don’t know it as nitro, but it was said so.

Well, you know what to do: we will now MORE THAN EVER stand together even more, SOLIDARIZE ourselves even more, and NEVER let ourselves be split !

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